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A Sacramento based band

This page is dedicated to the group "Neo Geo". They were a Sacramento based band fronted by the very talented performer and songwriter, Ann Perich. Their sound could probably be called alternative, although they defied easy classification. Sadly, they are no longer appear to be active. I would appreciate ANY new information on the group, or any new music related projects by it's members, please EMail me. I have two of their albums, the first a cassette, the second a CD.

The cassette is Neo Geo (1989). It is a good cassette the includes their best song (IMHO) "Wall of Berlin" and also has a song they released a video for "Hands of Fate". The group: Ann Perich (Vocals, Piano, Keyboards), Steve Coughran (Vocals, Drums), Brett Robbins (Guitar), Gerry Pineda (Bass).

Neo Geo


The CD is Bold Talk for a One Eyed Fat Man (1992). The group: Ann Perich (Vocals, Piano, Synths), Steve Coughran (Drums, Background Vocals, French Horn), Gerry Pineda (Bass).

Bold Talk for a One Eyed Fat Man

Bold Talk

At last check there are 4 copies of this CD available for $2.99 each at Second Spin!

A few Neo Geo images.

A small collection of Neo Geo promo post cards.

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